Jurentia charges by the hour or by case.

Depending on the type of assignment, our hourly fee excluding VAT is EUR 220–240 (EUR 272.80–297.60 inclusive of VAT) and for companies EUR 270.00. We usually charge by the hour for negotiations and trials, as they vary a lot in terms of time and complexity. Case-specific fees typically apply in ordinary assignments such as drawing up of various documents.

Initial contact with us by phone is always free, during which we can assess the need for legal aid and, if possible, give an estimate of the costs.

Legal expenses cover

Many home insurance policies and corporate insurance policies contain legal expenses cover which compensates costs arising from legal aid, either with or without a deductible.

Legal aid

A person may be entitled to legal aid from State funds either with or without a deductible. We will contact the public legal aid office on behalf of the client to obtain a decision for legal aid. A decision for legal aid may be applied for in advance, before any legal counsel expenses incur.

Free legal counsel

If a person has been a victim of a sexual crime, domestic violence or other violent crime, the court may appoint legal counsel for the duration of the pre-trial investigation and trial. Our job is to assist crime victims when their case is tried in court. Whenever such a decision is made, the counsel is appointed regardless of the victim’s income, and the fee is paid from State funds.